About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe and supportive fitness community that promotes personal improvement and a healthy lifestyle no matter the starting point. We employ the Functional Movement System (FMS) to provide objective measures of mobility challenges, design a plan for improvement, and prevent injury along the way.

Our workouts are customizable based upon your FMS screen to allow the community feel and lower cost of a boot camp-style gym but with the individualized attention of a personal trainer.

We are a fun and supportive community of like-minded folks and strive to make working out the best part of your day! We consider ourselves a fitness family, not just a gym. Come see what makes us unique!

We are currently offering HYBRID memberships that include:
• In studio training
• Online training
• Combination of both!

Our Core Values


We offer high intensity interval training (HIIT) group sessions and one-on-one personal training. Our workouts are designed to challenge clients of every fitness level, whether you’re a former athlete, recovering from an injury, or simply looking to restart a healthy lifestyle!

Move well, then move often

Workouts designed with the Functional Movement System allow our clients to move correctly and achieve gains safely. Our coaches focus on form to ensure all exercises are performed appropriately. Our full-body workouts are challenging without pushing you to the brink of injury. Great movement through coaching promotes enhanced physical and mental well-being. It allows you to open up doors you did not previously have.

Science, not trend

Scientific and proven methods of development are taught. Our members aren’t just “working out.” They are learning how and why they should focus on particular areas of their own health and fitness


Proper nutrition is important and is an individual formula. Food is powerful medicine. We offer nutrition coaching, including meal plans and recipe guides, designed to maximize fat loss and improve lean muscle gains for interested clients.


The belonging and association of community support is critical to overall health and wellness.


Awareness of the body’s systems as a whole unit instead of individualized compartments brings exponential growth to health and wellbeing.

Our Trainers

Matt and Laura are a husband and wife team that started Mobilize Fitness in 2021. They entered the Memphis health scene in 2017, and over the past several years, have evolved the studio into a one-of-a-kind fitness family

Matt Butler


Matt is Mobilize Fitness’ proud owner and head trainer. He is certified in Functional Movement System levels 1 and 2. He earned a degree in education from the University of Memphis, and his background as a teacher influences his methods in fitness instruction. Not everyone learns the same way, and that mentality is the heart of what makes training at Mobilize Fitness unique. He is the father of two amazing children and the 2017-2018 Memphis in May Barbeque Sauce wrestling champion.

Laura Bahorich


Laura is the brains behind the scene at Mobilize Fitness. She manages marketing and memberships but was a client long before she convinced Matt to take over. A lifelong exercise enthusiast, she joined the fitness family after realizing miles on a treadmill or elliptical are not the best path toward a healthy lifestyle. When not at Mobilize, she is an emergency veterinarian, which allows an understanding of exercise physiology and marketing the science behind health. It is her second profession but primary passion, and she hopes to convert you into an FMS believer too!

“With the help of the great coaches, I have managed to lose about 50 lbs from my heaviest weight. I have grown to enjoy great workouts, sore muscles and making sure that I am always “shoulders back, chest proud”! My favorite thing about Mobilize Fitness is the people. I’ve tried many places that made me feel like an inexperienced outsider. From my first day I felt welcomed, encouraged, and a part of a fitness family that highlighted my strengths and helped me overcome my weaknesses.”

SheQuita Kendricks

“The clientele is welcoming, nonjudgmental, motivating, hilarious and so supportive.  I knew I was home after the first day.  Nobody cares what you look like in spandex and a t-shirt.  They celebrate you and your milestones.  They encourage you when you are unsure of yourself. Speaking of results… I’ve lost 30 lbs.  And guess what?  I’VE KEPT IT OFF. ”

Kelly Golden

“That is when I made the decision to join FFF. My sister had been going for awhile, and I saw the improvements it had made on her. Fast forward to 10 months later and I can’t believe my results. I haven’t been this weight since I was in college! The positive reinforcement I have gotten from all the trainers and the women in my groups have helped me restructure the way I view food and exercise. Thank you!”

Maria Stringfellow

“I love Mobilize Fitness because of the accountability, I love that proper form and movement are emphasized, I love that there is room for every level of fitness, and most of all I love that I am always challenged and pushed to go further!”

Sonya Ellis

“There’s so much to appreciate about Mobilize Fitness but the best part for me is the ‘family’ I have now.  I’ve met some of the most wonderful women… who are strong and encouraging and aren’t afraid to get after me! They’ve become wonderful friends!”

Lisa Brown